Finance & Accounting

Finance, Accounting, General Management 


Immune to crisis

One sector that does not suffer from economic crises or unemployment is finance, accounting, audit and general management. There is a perpetual need for company organization, cost optimization and financial management. Administrative and Financial Manager, Chief Accountant or Payroll Administrator are now among the most attractive and paying jobs on the market, according to a 2017 study published by recruiting firm Robert Half.


High compensation

Most candidates for these highly sought-after positions are business school graduates, or possess a master’s degree in Finance and General Management. After a few years of experience, wages increase significantly. In this branch, decision-making positions come with substantial compensation. The Administrative and Financial Manager works directly under the supervision of Top Management, and is in charge of organizing and overseeing the administrative, accounting and financial services of the firm. Salaries can range from €70K to €120K a year in a company with an annual revenue between 50 and 100 million euros, between 50K and 80K a year in companies whose annual revenue is under 50 million euros. The Chief Accountant, a function that exists primarily in big companies, earns between €80K and €85K a year after 10 years of seniority, between 85K and 100K after 15 years and between 120K and 145K after 20 years of experience.


In high demand

Generally speaking, Chief Accountant is usually a “temporary” position because companies can rarely afford to hire them on a permanent basis. Rather, they call on them for one-off missions. Payroll Administrators are highly coveted since there are very few of them on the market. Their role is to produce and verify pay stubs, as well as to handle staff administration and all related documents (such as leave applications). This position does not require a specific training and usually hires accountants or HR staff specialized in payroll. Payroll Administrators start off with a €25K yearly salary, and reach 36K after 5 years of experience.