Human resources

Human Resources


A hybrid, unpopular function


According to online surveys, Human Resources departments are often perceived internally as cost centers, whose sole purpose is to generate (often incorrect) pay stubs, handle paid vacation and, incidentally, careers. Most surprisingly, according to the Harvard Business Review, only 53% of HR staff are satisfied with their own performances.


Oftentimes, HR staff are out of touch with employees who feel that HR does not meet their expectations or answer their questions. In fact, there is a gap between employees’ concerns, such as the length of their paternity leave, or the reimbursement rate of their health insurance, and the annual five priority issues for HR members:


  • Personalized staff training is deemed an important matter by 86% of HR staff
  • Implementing mandatory professional interviews – important to 83% of HR
  • Hiring, sourcing and retention is considered a priority for 75% of HR
  • New methods of work and management – important to 64% of HR
  • Ergonomic assessments – important to 56% of HR


3 out of these 5 key issues are related to legal or regulatory changes that came into force in January 2015 in France: personalized staff training, mandatory professional interviews and ergonomic assessments.


One must note, however, that the HR function is actually making up the new generation of CEOs. CEOs increasingly tend to pick their replacement not solely between the Administrative and Financial Director and the Business Director, as shown by HR Directors’ rising wages, which tend to be twice higher than those of other directors.