Health, social

Health, social

Selescope assists decision-makers in the health sector with their recruiting process, helping them choose the best executives, experts and managers. In this technical and scientific domain where expertise prevails, we deliver on a single promise: going beyond expertise to recruit personalities. Faced with an ever-changing environment, we help our clients at the head of pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech or medtech companies constantly rethink their needs in terms of skills and organizational structure. Every day, we work alongside our clients to help them implement a more horizontal “talent management” policy, focusing on agility, responsiveness, and mobility.

At every level of the marketing of a health product or service, Selescope helps you identify and recruit the best talent that will allow your firm to stand out from its competition and gain competitive advantage. 

Accelerate innovation and marketing authorization processes.

Improve the performance of promotional and sales activities.

Respond to the new challenges of digitalization, big data and AI.

Deepen relations with healthcare stakeholders as well as with patients to ensure better care.

Selescope has a part to play in all of these areas, by sharing its expertise in the fields of manpower and organizations.

Our areas of expertise: pharmaceutical laboratories, CDMOs, bioproduction, medical equipment and devices, IVD products, e-health and medically-assisted reproduction, telehealth, distribution.

Key figures

  • in France, the sector is made up of 900 companies;
  • the sector accounts for 211,000 direct jobs, including 104,000 in the drug industry;
  • 500,000 associated jobs;
  • 200 different types jobs;
  • €65 billion in turnover;
  • 11% of the French GDP.

(Sources: Institut des Métiers et Formations des industriels de Santé (IMFISC) – Fédération Française des Industries de Santé (FEFIS) – Ministère des Affaires Sociales et de la Santé)

Associated functions

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Medical Marketing
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Bioproduction
  • R&D
  • Business development

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