Agri-food industry

The agri-food industry is the number one industry in France in terms of employment and turnover, with 7.9 billion euros generated in 2012. Beverages, wines and spirits, groceries, fresh produce, dry goods… the agri-food sector relies on typical industrial functions (research and development, purchase, production, maintenance, health and safety, logistics) while also relying heavily on large sales and marketing teams. The latter justify seeking the services of a recruitment firm specialized in the food industry to fulfill hiring needs. In France, all regions are impacted by this industry, with Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Rhône-Alpes leading the field.

A future linked to mass distribution

According to some experts, despite several top French companies (Pernod-Ricard, Tereos, Delpeyrat, Danone…) showing successful results internationally, the sector remains fragmented, with 95% of the industry’s 10,900 companies constituting of very small and SMEs that are not export-oriented. In addition, the sector is facing a competitive shift at the European level, combined with changing consumer habits. In the wake of various food scandals and ever more stringent quality standards, manufacturers must continue to invest heavily in new technologies such as RFID—which enables product traceability—and increasingly automated and monitored manufacturing processes.

The demand for quality products coupled with the high price volatility of agricultural raw commodities is in conflict with the price pressure exerted by households.

Against this background of price war, tense relations with the mass distribution sector, which accounts for 70% of household food expenditure in France, further aggravate the situation for intermediate-sized companies and SMEs.

Today, companies may opt for several strategies: diversification to spread the risk, quality upgrading to market higher value-added products, and integration or partnership to control supply.

The food industry is looking for increasingly qualified personnel due to the development of relations with mass distribution and the increasing automation of production processes. Given these challenges, having the support of a recruitment firm specialized in the food industry, distribution and trade is essential in order to remain competitive.

Main functions:

• Production Director
• R&D Director
• Purchasing Director
• Head of Logistics
• Head of Maintenance
• Head of Quality, Health, Security and Environment
• Sales / Supermarket/Out-of-Home Catering Head of Sector
• Products Manager
• Export Sales Manager


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