Software as a Service

Software as a Service


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a vibrant industry and a major driver for growth for the economy, both in France and worldwide.


This industry is also essential to innovation and R&D.


Software vendors are in charge of designing, developing and commercializing enterprise software (packaged software). They may externalize implementation, integration and customization to a computer service firm.


SaaS can be divided into two categories: “horizontal” or “infrastructure” software, and “vertical” or “application” software. Vertical software may be enterprise-wide, integrated software (ERP) but also function-specific (HR, Finance, Production, Logistics, CRM, etc.) or industry-specific (Retail, Banking, Insurance…). Some solution providers specialize in certain types of clients or business sizes (very small enterprises, SMEs, mid-caps, big accounts).


Although France does have a couple of frontrunners, the industry remains largely dominated by English-speaking countries. Many French software vendors are in fact commercialization branches (sales, customer service, support, customer relations), while strategy and R&D are conducted in another country.


SaaS vendors usually come with a full ecosystem of partners, including for instance consulting firms or integration service providers.


While developing high-end technologies is essential to SaaS vendors, hiring the right people will also determine the company’s success. 


SaaS vendors face the challenges of a highly reactive industry, tough competition and the importance of short-term results. Consequently, business-oriented functions are extremely critical, such as sales, customer service, marketing, customer relations, etc.


Since its creation, Selescope has been very active in the tech industry, working alongside a number of clients, both software vendors and integration service providers, French and international alike.


Selescope takes care of recruitment and talent assessment, especially for key positions where a subtle appraisal of personality and potential is decisive:


  • Commercial Director 
  • Commercial Engineer / Account Manager
  • Channel Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Pre-sales Engineer



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