Energy & Environment

The Energy & Environment sector is undergoing profound transformations. Renewable energies, eco-housing, new standards and promising economic challenges provide many hiring opportunities. In the environmental sector, waste management, water treatment and soil decontamination are the most hiring branches. In the energy sector, while the oil and nuclear industries are having some difficulty, renewable energies are growing exponentially. The number of jobs could have tripled by 2020. At the same time, new legal standards on energy saving are boosting the building sector (renovation and construction), which is hungry for skills in thermal and environmental engineering. They also encourage the development of industrial land and soil decontamination.


Careers of tomorrow

According to Adzuna, the water market represents the largest pool of green jobs in France. In fact, 21.4% of job offers linked to environmental protection are related to wastewater treatment. Next are professions linked to environmental risk prevention (15.4% of job offers), energy performance of buildings and eco-construction (13.4%) and renewable energy production and distribution (13.4%). The average annual salary for green jobs is €30,251. A freshly graduated engineer can earn up to €49,110 for a position related to environmental protection. Supported by increasingly strict laws on sustainable development, renewable energies and energy management are generating massive employment, whether in building insulation, heat pump installation or waste recovery. Researchers, project managers in design departments, R&D engineers, testing technicians, but also operations and maintenance technicians and engineers, sales staff and consultants: their common goal is to improve the safety of installations and to meet environmental challenges. Please note that most tasks are carried out on-site, in France or abroad, which requires mobility and fluency in English.


Primary functions:

  • Head of Design Department
  • Business Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager

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