Transport / Mobility

Selescope is committed to supporting a sustainable economy by helping companies in the transport sector (goods and people) respond to new societal and environmental challenges:

Enhancing mobility while combating global warming;

Fostering territorial development for universal access to goods, resources and employment;

Forging links between urban centers and rural areas;

Developing smart and connected cities and transport networks.

Selescope supports passenger transport operators, soft mobility players, territorial organizations, trade, logistics and transport companies, and smart city start-ups.

Our clients:

  • Public transport operators
  • Shared mobility stakeholders
  • Rail transport operators
  • Road infrastructure and parking operators
  • Territorial organizations
  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Airport and port management businesses
  • NICT companies

We cover the following functions:

  • Operations Director / Manager
  • Engineering & MethodologTechnical functions and Fleet Management

Our references