Investment Fund

Investment funds are major players of the economy.

They support businesses at different stages of their development and in various circumstances.

They invest capital in projects, whether at the start-up stage (seed capital), during growth (expansion capital), during a transition period, such as acquisition (leveraged buyout), or a turnaround (turnaround capital).

They often specialize on investment volume and company size (small, medium, large), or business sector.

Funds are managed by regulated companies whose objective is to optimize the equity portfolio for the benefit of their own investors, whether private or institutional.

We recruit the following positions for portfolio management companies:


Investment Manager

Investment Director


In addition to the candidate’s (financial) skills, the emphasis will be put on personality aspects that are crucial to succeeding in this branch of business: being able to support business leaders requires the ability to listen, a sense of leadership as well as credibility in a highly competitive environment.


The sector is rapidly expanding, with more than 1,000 billion dollars to spend:

Investment funds are making money faster than they can spend it. As a result, the world’s leading private equity players have accumulated an unprecedented level of “dry powder”: billions in cash just waiting to be invested in family businesses or corporate restructuring. According to financial data company Preqin, the amount of dry powder reserves reached a record $1,070 billion in June 2018, including buyout funds, venture capital funds and growth funds.

Delphine Cuny, La Tribune, 3 October 2018


Selescope has developed SCOPEXEC, a service specifically designed to assist investment funds in their equity management activities.


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