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What does being a Selescope consultant entail?

Our consultants are valued partners and trusted advisers who accompany their clients in strategic decisions: recruitment to fill key positions, talent sourcing, internal assessment and development, and much more. We provide our consultants with extensive training, peer support and the assistance of a dynamic back office. Our consultants grow their own client base and carry out missions individually or in pairs.

Who can become a Selescope consultant?

Our firm prides itself on its variety of profiles. Our members’ backgrounds are as diverse as commercial director, profit center manager, former military, professional athlete, teacher… But they all share certain characteristics, including a strong academic background, some experience in management, sales or consulting and, more importantly, values such as integrity, open-mindedness and a desire to push boundaries and challenge assumptions.

Why choose Selescope?

Our firm is fertile ground for talent development, as we respect open speech, leave room for error and always show compassion. We value hard work in a fun and productive environment. Our ambition is to grow, while helping you grow. We are not just looking for hiring professionals, but instead for individuals who know the value of human capital in a company’s performance and who appreciate the importance of personality in an individual’s success.